KLX650 KLR650/250 DRz400
650/750/1000 air cooled
Eliminator/Ninja 250 1st Gen
KZ/GPz/ZR550 air cooled
GSX/GSF1250 Bandit
VTR1000 S'hawk/F'storm
CBR600F & CB599 series


Krieger Cam Chain Tensioners is expanding service to cover Europe to try to have quicker delivery time.

Rob De Hoo is carrying Honda tensioners at www.exhausist.com 

Rob can be contacted at info@exhausist.com

Rob and I will be trying to add some Kawasaki tensioners as he expands his inventory. Call and check with Rob to see if he has the kit you need.  Demand will expand his line.  Please be patient, some orders may still be sourced from the U.S.

This is not a complete listing of the tensioners I carry,

only the ones I am able to show in photos. 

Many tensioners have multiple model applications, like the KLX650 tensioner fitting about 20 other models of Kawasakis, the KX450 tensioner fits the new gen EX250R Ninja, and the CBR929RR tensioner fits the NX250.  There are even some crossovers between the manufacturers on the body shapes.  Oddly enough the KLX650 body shape is the same as on the YZF425 and possibly the 450.  I never quite know until I am able to get a few dimensions.  There is no increase in cost for new designs, usually I give a break on the first one done.  I also can not list shots until I get photos, so help me out.  On models not listed here order one and send me a shot of the installation.

Current design applications

On all bikes I can look at a design and see if I can make the part needed in an economic way.  If it is the standard thru bolt design I can almost always do the job.  At the present time all but one of my single tensioners sells for $33.00 plus shipping, the KLX250/300 is $36.00 due to inclusion of a special nut.  The double kits for the Vulcan 1500 and the Honda VTR1000 are $64.00 plus shipping.  Exhausist may have some variation in pricing, but we're trying to make Krieger Tensioners a good economic purchase everywhere.   Rob is able to include VAT and gets a bit of a break on shipping making his price close to the same as mine and delivery faster.  I will still ship to Europe, but prefer you try Rob first.

I am open to working on any design I do not already make.  I have too many models to easily list at this point and am adding to them.  Here is some general information.


At this point I am making tensioners to fit almost every Kawasaki model with a few exceptions.  I do not make one for the ZG1400 Concours 14 because it is oil assisted in a fashion that I can not produce in an economically reasonable method.  I also do not cover the Vulcan 900 for similar reasons of machining capabilities..

Kawasaki uses several body shapes to suit literally hundreds of model/year engines and I am making those bodies.  The adjuster bolt length varies in different engines.  Presently I cover the entire air cooled street line-up from 1972 Z-1 to the Zephyr line of the 90s on up.  The liquid cooled sport, sport touring, custom, and dual sport models from the mid-80s on up use one of two bodies which I carry. 

The latest have been for the ZR7ZX6R (636), EX250/300 second generation engines, KXF450, and the KLX250/300.  I am learning that more and more models use the same style body, but have different adjuster bolt needs.


I have the tensioners for CBR600F-F2, CBR600F3-4i, CBR900RR  (893cc, 919cc, 929cc. 954, CB919 and 599, and the VTR1000 Firestorm/Superhawk.  The NX250 uses the same design tensioner as the 929, therefore I have that one as well.  I am open to developing more as requested.

My Honda line will expand as I work with more riders to make a reasonable cost part.


I am new to the Triumph line, but have a body ready for the 675 (and any other that has the same shape), I now need to find out how long the adjuster bolt need be.  If some Triumph rider wants to work with me on this please call or email me.  We can get this going.  I have the gaskets and bodies ready to go.


Recently a rider worked with me to develop the tensioner for the WR250R/X.  I do not know if there are other applications for this tensioner.  The earlier YZF 425 is covered, again I'm not sure how many others this one may fit.  I am open to developing more as requested.

Some riders had me make up the XS1100 and 850 tensioners, but I can not verify fit.  I am looking for some help there.  I am pretty much absolutely certain they are right since I patterned them off of tensioners in hand.  I just don't have any feedback.


I have the DRz400 kit which fits the Hayabusa and the rebadged Kawasaki KLX400.  I also made up the old GS750-1100 style tensioner, but have no feedback on it at this time.

I now have the Bandit 1250 tensioner, if it fits the 1200 I do not know.

You can contact me at kriegercct@clems-garage.com to learn if I make the tensioner you need.


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