Kawasaki KLX250/300

This kit was developed entirely using email and phone calls.  A rider in Abilene Texas contacted me about making the tensioner kit for the 1996 and newer KLX250, the 300 and some earlier 250s happen to use the same design.  The kit includes new flush fit fasteners, a couple of hand cut gaskets (for the present, laser cut ones coming), a 6mm ball end allen wrench for adjustment, instructions, and a couple of good quality stickers for the bike.  Email me at kriegercct@clems-garage.com to get a price including shipping.  Like the others it includes the new fasteners, gasket, instructions, and a couple of good quality stickers for the bike. 

This one was a real trick to do.  It had a double angle movement to get the proper adjuster positioning.  I got pictures and dimensions along with a few sketches and even a "dirty finger" rubbing on paper of the tensioner mount area on the head.  With the dimensions and the rest I could scale the drawing and develop the tensioner.  It worked first time out and is still in use.  I tried the acorn nut/jam nut I normally used, but they are so close to the aftermarket exhaust a wrench wouldn't fit.  I lucked out when I found my Yamaha SR500, which uses an allen nut, fit the M8-1.25 bolt.  Now I use Yamaha special exhaust nuts, which, along with the allen wrench, accounts for the additional $3.00 in cost.  But it works with aftermarket exhausts.


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