This was actually the first kit I made, fitting the first one to my own Zephyr. No one made the tensioner I needed, so the guys at the Zephyr Zone talked me into it.  They and the KLX650 group on Yahoo got me going and built up the product.  I worked hard to get a good product at a good price with these guys backing me up by purchasing the first hand cut ones.  I am pleased to be able to sell a quality item at a hard to beat price.

This kit is the one that fits the 263 different model/years of Kawasakis with a simple change of the adjuster bolt.   Email me at kriegercct@clems-garage.com to get a price including shipping.  It has the new fasteners, the gasket, instructions, and the good quality stickers for the bike or tool box.

On this one I have to say thanks to the Zephyr Zone guys.  One UK rider said if I made the 750 tensioner he'd buy three... he did.  For that I thank them.


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Last modified: 08/19/12