EL250 Eliminator & EX250 Ninja 1st Gen

This kit is a maybe.  Maybe it will take care of your cam drive issues.  The problem is that there is a rocker at the bottom of the tensioner system that may top out against the case.  There is a solution.  I will elaborate after I tell about the kit.  The tensioner kit shown had the O-ring groove cut in it, but now I use a gasket, which is less costly to do.  Email me at kriegercct@clems-garage.com to get a price including shipping.  It includes the new fasteners, a couple of the gaskets I have made, instructions, and a couple of good quality stickers.

Now for the rest of the story...

When the cam drive wears in enough, the bottom rocker will hit the cases before taking up all the chain slack.  I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out what could be done, but I never had the chance to look inside one of these engines.  Another rider did.  He took the rocker out and ground it to gain clearance inside the cases to get the needed movement.  He said the cam chain isn't worn out of spec at the point where the adjustment used to run out.  He recommends doing the manual tensioner before the wear is that far, but here is his fix by the pix:

He ground the top part of the rocker, which is quite obvious if you see the unground part:

The cut runs from slightly up the horizontal web down toward the pin.  Here is a shot of the grind from the front:

You can see the bevel grind.  If you can not get the manual tensioner to take up the play, this is the modification you need to perform.  It should work provided your chain isn't totally wasted.


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