Kawasaki KLX650 KLR650/250 and DRz400

This is the KLX650 tensioner, which happens to fit not only the KLR650/250, but a large number of the Kawasaki in-line twins and fours, like the Concours, the Eliminators, and a lot of the ZX models.  The only thing that changes in a few of the others is the adjuster bolt length.  This particular body has been in use since the first 550 and spread across the entire line.  Again the kit has the new fasteners, the gasket, instructions, and a couple of good quality stickers for the bike or tool box.  Email me at kriegercct@clems-garage.com to get a price including shipping. 

This kit really is a catch all, fitting in a number of four wheelers and a pair are used in the Vulcan 1500.


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