Ordering Information

Please email me pertaining to ordering a tensioner kit.  You can use the Information page or email direct to kriegercct@clems-garage.com or, for European orders, info@exhausist.com  to get a quote or ask questions. You can get kit pricing including shipping by including your country of residence. Shipping is by USPS Flat Rate Priority small box current pricing found at the Postage Price Calculator site.  Up to 5 pc will fit in a box and there will be no added charge for any additional kits fitted into one flat rate box. I use PayPal and will send a non-binding money request for the proper amount.  It is not an invoice, it is a payment aid to be used if you wish to order, otherwise ignore it.

For orders I send I use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for shipping because it is convenient and reliable to ship around the world.  Plus they provide the necessary packaging for free. I use the Priority Flat Rate box to ship tensioners, because I can send whatever will fit in the box and delivery is 2-3 days in U.S or 6-10 days outside U.S. 

Most orders are sent by USPS flat rate priority small box.  It cannot be insured or tracked outside the US.  There is USPS flat rate Express priority which is faster delivery and can be insured and tracked, but will cost more, contact me for a quote at kriegercct@clems-garage.com

I am open to develop new designs and applications. On some models I do not know the exact tensioner bolt length needed. There will be a place to input the plunger length to get the correct length tensioner bolt for your application if I donít already have it.

There will also be places to input information for me to actually custom make a tensioner if necessary. It will be no extra charge except if the OEM gasket is over roughly $3.00. The point being it now becomes a model I can list.

In other words, I will work with you to give you what you need.



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